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3 Easy Steps to Effectively Engage Customers

Posted by Ben Blakeley on Feb 13, 2020 7:30:00 AM

What does your customer want, Solution or Outcome?

Let us answer that for you.  Your customer wants an outcome, an achieved end state, a measurable result that directly impacts their key initiatives.  What your customer doesn’t want is another presentation about the benefits of a vendor’s solution (that in most circumstances the customer does not have a budget for).  Per Forrester, all customers have an outcome they want to achieve, and the most successful salespeople recognize the difference between an outcome and a solution.

The secret to recognizing the difference is in the ability to keep your customer engaged.  Let us help you engage effectively with these three steps:

Step 1: Research Trends and Challenges Have a high-level overview of industry news, opportunities and strategies to easily identify similar complexities your customer shares.   Not all customers will have the same pain points-- listen and recognize what is most important to your customer.  Showing them you have their best interests in mind will keep them engaged.

Hint:  Remain vendor agnostic

Step 2:  Explore Technologies – Dive into how specific solutions can address a business outcome.  Learn the key differentiators and unique capabilities in a solution and determine which are most applicable to your customer.  Your customer will remain engaged when you can demonstrate how the solution addresses their current challenges, steer clear of the impractical.

Hint:  Lead with what the solution does, not its technical name

Step 3:  Practice Your Technique – Develop a guide and/or method to how you will approach the conversation.  Propose solutions and practice your selling techniques to address your customers desired outcomes.  “Practice does not make perfect.  Only perfect practice makes perfect.”  Vince Lombardi

Hint:  Ask open-ended questions to assess needs

Take the Next Step

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About the Author

Ben Blakeley is a Vendor Business Executive with Tech Data’s US Cisco Advanced Solutions Group. In his role, Ben is responsible for Tech Data’s Cisco cloud and compute go-to-market strategy and partner sales enablement.  He brings over 10 years of strategic channel knowledge to the team with expertise in data center, converged, hyperconverged and cloud solutions.  Ben can be found on LinkedIn.

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