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Women in the Channel: Defining a New Style of Leadership

Posted by Alison Challman on Jan 14, 2015 12:43:56 PM

Resiliency, partnership, transformation, innovation, connection, collaboration and authenticity. These are some of the words that come to my mind after attending last month’s CRN Women of the Channel Winter workshop, which centered on the importance of A New Style of Leadership in the evolution and transformation of the channel.

With over 400 channel leaders in attendance, I’m proud to share that Avnet was represented in full force as a Diamond sponsor. In addition to bringing our own Avnet employees, we took the opportunity to host several channel leaders from our valued suppliers and partners.

Together, we heard from a host of highly accomplished women who shared stories and experiences leading change in their own authentic way. Some led by showing strength and perseverance in the face of incredibly challenging circumstances. Others led through partnership and innovation to drive sweeping changes that optimized business value in new and inventive ways. In many cases, this meant leveraging game-changing technologies.

Leverage Game-Changing Innovations

To succeed as a New Style Leader in today’s highly complex technology industry, you must understand how to embrace and leverage game-changing innovations.

A great example of how this works was described in a breakout session on big data and analytics, which emphasized how the CMO and CIO must work together to harness the business value of big data. Both the CMO and CIO have responsibility for big data and their success demands a joint effort.

This brings an enormous opportunity for channel partners to broker the CIO-CMO partnership. As a trusted partner, you can facilitate the type of conversation that guides joint technology selections and produces the business outcomes both stakeholders require.

As the technology continues to bring new ways to transform business value, the channel must remain at the forefront and elevate our value as New Style Leaders who can make the promise of game-changing innovations a reality for our customers.

Pay it Forward

I was personally and professionally inspired by all of the conference presenters, but the biggest highlight for me was spending time with such talented and accomplished women from across our industry. During the informal networking discussions attendees shared their own experiences leading change and transformation within the channel.


Most impressive was that a few of our Avnet guests explained how they are “paying it forward” by developing their own version of Women in the Channel events within their companies. It was clear to me that my fellow attendees ARE representing the New Style of Leadership and will continue to be driving forces in the evolution of the technology channel.

It’s an exciting time to be in the channel!


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