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Spotlight on Bryan Thumann: A Partner Community Poised for Success

Posted by Dena Koklanaris on Oct 10, 2019 7:00:00 AM

The following is a vendor-sponsored blog post.

Authority recently connected with Bryan Thumann, Global Manager, Channel Operations at Automation Anywhere (AAI). We discussed his career path, AAI’s distinct RPA platform and their global partnership with Tech Data. Keep reading for his insights!

Bryan, to kick things off, tell us what drew you to a career in technology.

I have worked within the channel business for 20+ years now. I first found the channel business early in my career while I was attending San Jose State University. I started as a customer service manager for a networking and data storage manufacturer engaging with internal sales, resellers, and distributors which I found very intriguing from the beginning. Later in my career I transitioned to channel sales, partner program management, and operations which provided me with a well-rounded understanding of how to build and support a successful channel business model.

Let’s shift gears to AAI. What drove your decision to join the company?

Before applying to the company, I already had knowledge that AAI was a well-established, up-and-coming company which had developed a disruptive and leading technology solution that could be utilized within any size business. Knowing that this technology would change the worlds employment and the way people work in the future, initially drew me to apply for the global channel operations role. 

After a series of phone interviews, the management team from our headquarters office in San Jose invited me in for a meeting. Experiencing first-hand, the buzz around the office and learning more about the culture and drive for growth through the channel model, I knew immediately that this is where I wanted to work. One of the key initiatives the executive team asked of me was to build a two-tier channel model to support the companies channel community for success. I decided to lead with establishing a partnership with Tech Data due to their global presence, as well as their focus on solutions selling.

Over the last calendar year, AAI has seen exponential growth – from 700 employees to nearly 2,700 worldwide. Tell us why.

One key factor is our culture. All employees march to the same drumbeat and truly believe in the company’s core values of passion, innovation, customer first, and one team one goal attitude. AAI uses our own automation solutions internally, which takes the repetitive tasks away from the employees giving us the advantage to be creative and provide more time to manage intellectual tasks. Overall, this allows our employees to enjoy their jobs and makes for a great work life balance.

The second factor is the value of our solution within this very lucrative market. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been around for many years, but our IQ Bot™ cognitive solution has really brought us to the forefront of the market as a top RPA developer with innovative solutions that surpass all competition.    

Bryan, this is the perfect segue into our next question. Tell us about your global partnership with Tech Data. How does it spur channel evolution for both parties?

AAI decided that Tech Data was the right value-added distributor to pursue a global partnership to help scale and grow our business worldwide. Operationally, bringing on Tech Data mitigated risk by increasing partner credit check evaluation, streamline procurement functions, and eliminated the need for added legal agreements as well as payment terms from each partner. We also understood that Tech Data would provide additional marketing, enablement, sales, and technical support to our partner community.

What else should we know about AAI’s custom advanced solutions package?

As I mentioned previously, IQ Bot™ has really made AAI standout from our competitors. IQ Bot™ is designed for the 80 percent of business processes that today rely heavily on people to locate and organize unstructured data before the process can even begin. This allows us to offer a fully automated solution, which our competitors require other technology companies to rely on.

Why is the package impactful for channel partners and companies?

Partners can provide a single vendor solution to solve all of their clients automated process streamline requirements. All of our partners make healthy margin on the initial deal but because our solution is term based, they can also rely on yearly reoccurring revenue.

On a final note, AAI has received numerous channel accolades, from Ovum to Forrester. What accounts for your channel success?

We build our channel success on the executive leadership team vision, unique product offerings and our phenomenal partner community who heavily promotes our solutions to the end-users while adding value through their service offerings.

If you’re looking for more information about AAI and our custom advanced solutions package, visit our landing page or reach out to AutoAnywhereUS@techdata.com

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