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Sponsored by Progress:  Spotlight on Lynne  Boudreau - Empowering Deeper Customer Engagement With Complete Data Solutions

Posted by B.A. Beatty on Nov 24, 2020 9:55:02 AM

Authority recently talked with Lynne Boudreau, director of partner advocacy at Progress. We covered Lynne’s jump into technology, the company’s data collection and analytics solutions, and what makes the Tech Data and Progress partnership successful. Read on.

Thanks for joining us today. Tell us a little about your journey into technology.

I did not plan on a career in technology; it just kind of happened. I had finished my college degree and planned on taking a year off before going to law school. During that year, I worked for a local attorney and discovered that I really did not like anything to do with being an attorney. As you may have guessed, law school did not happen. Shortly after my stint as a paralegal, I landed a sales job working for a local technology reseller. The rest is history. I’ve been in technology ever since. Most of my career has been in direct sales, selling software, but one thing that’s been constant is that I have always worked with partners in some capacity. This has always been something that I enjoyed and gravitated toward.

Now, you’re the director of partner advocacy at Progress. What’s a typical day like for you?

I’m really grateful for the multifaceted role I have here at Progress. It keeps me busy and constantly learning new areas of the business. Before business travel was suspended, I was on a plane a lot, traveling to meet with partners.

These days, like most people, my calendar is filled with lots of internal and external virtual meetings. In my role, I manage a team of partner account managers that helps to enable their partners’ success. I also collaborate with other departments—marketing, enablement, direct sales or partner operations—to help make our Progress Accelerate Partner Program the best that it can be. In addition, I still manage a handful of some of our top partners.

Let’s shift direction and talk about data—specifically, data collection and analytics. How have both evolved in recent years?

Data has been the digital currency for decades and provides business-critical insights into our end-user behaviors. In the past, companies collected user data on their websites, tracking page views, actions taken and unique visitors. These metrics offered hints of intent, and visitors’ behavior often indicated a website’s success.

By collecting metrics, companies were able to amass data, identify its impact and tweak the user experience. Modern digital interactions extend into social networks, internet of things (IoT), sensors, mobile and wearable devices, web and mobile applications, and more. Traditional data collection and website-based operations are no longer good enough to capture user engagement data.

At Progress, we’ve turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to glean impactful insights and prescriptive actions, so organizations can better engage with their users.

For the first time, companies can see into the future. Predictive analytics provide insights into what is about to happen, and prescriptive analytics give companies knowledge into what they can do to impact their goals.

How does collecting and interpreting data affect a customer’s digital experience?

According to a recent report from PwC, 86% of customers will spend more money with a business because they have a good experience. Positive experiences promote deeper engagement with prospects and customers, and this reputation extends into every channel. This means it’s vital to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time on the right device.

Is this what makes your offerings, such as Sitefinity and DataDirect, so valuable to your customers? Tell us about these systems and why they are powerful tools in the data analytics and marketing fields.

Sitefinity CMS and Sitefinity Insight bring the best of both worlds with complete content management capabilities, data analytics and visitor tracking functionality under one Sitefinity brand name.

Sitefinity CMS (or Sitefinity Cloud) offers customers full power to manage omnichannel content and digital assets from one easy-to-navigate user interface. It also empowers them to fully manage the site, including creating landing and campaign pages without a developer’s involvement.

Sitefinity Insight helps customers profile and understand their audience and the customer journey. This grasp can lead to impactful personalized content that helps clients achieve desired business outcomes. Sitefinity Insight integrates website tracking across all data sources. It provides data-driven insights that suggest how to optimize the end-to-end customer experience, driving short-term and long-term business and marketing goals.

By connecting your Sitefinity CMS to Sitefinity Insight, you can empower your marketing and sales teams to track user behavior on any site, visualize data in meaningful reports and profile audiences to create impactful content.

Progress DataDirect offers cloud and on-premises data connectivity solutions across data sources. Performance, reliability and security are at the heart of everything we design. That is why DataDirect is the trusted vendor for more than 350 ISVs and more than 10,000 enterprises for all of their analytics, integration and data management needs.

Progress DataDirect is a powerful solution that equips customers with top performance, efficiency, variety and innovation.

Progress and Tech Data have a strong relationship. What makes this partnership so successful? How does it benefit the channel?

Together we’ve created a talented team that is working toward a common goal. Tech Data has been fantastic with constant communication and offers many ways to engage with their teams and partners. Tech Data is Progress’s distributor of choice in North America. This helps the channel—and Progress—by streamlining and simplifying the purchase process, accelerating enablement, recruiting new resellers and supporting existing ones.

How can Tech Data customers and reseller partners learn more about Progress resources and Sitefinity and DataDirect solutions?

My first response is to reach out. We love to engage with our partners and customers. Connect with a Tech Data and Progress representative and request a demo. We look forward to a partnership with you!

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B.A. Beatty is a copywriter for Tech Data Agency. She enjoys collaborating with colleagues and refining her skills at one of the tech industry’s leading companies. She spends her free time taking road trips and raising her two daughters.

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