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Data and IoT – A Channel Partner’s New Best Friend

Posted by Steven Kelley on Mar 11, 2019 5:00:00 PM
Steven Kelley
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Channel partners, data is your best friend; it can even provide a significant competitive advantage to your business!

Today’s businesses and technology leaders are generating over 2.5 quintillion—yes, with a Q—bytes of data every day! And guess what’s in the data…? Information! Information about buying trends, markets, personas, and preferences. Imagine knowing what (potential) clients want, where they go to get it, how fast they use it and when they’re going to need more? They say knowledge is power; but one could claim that knowledge is profit!

The growth of IoT and 5G networks has created orders of magnitude growth in the amount of data captured, the quality of the data and the speed by which it’s analyzed and evaluated, giving real time access to information. For IT professionals in the channel, evaluating and using data for business intelligence is a new focus, providing an excellent opportunity for channel partners to leverage their existing relationships with IT and bridge the gap between IT and the line of business.

The technology horizon is truly dynamic and like no other in the history of mankind. Things are changing exponentially creating opportunities and capabilities unthinkable a few short years ago. The future is upon us and data analytics is playing a major role in eliminating the inertia that once existed between data capture, analysis and application. Today big data is moving markets globally with its proliferation of information, intelligence -and ultimately- growth. With more than $96 billion in new revenue being driven by analytics and IoT (Source: IDC Research / IDC Directions 2019), Tech Data can help enable your partners to be formidable in this marketplace and capture a share of this huge revenue opportunity.

For more information on this, I suggest reading a great article written by Andrea Miner, Tech Data’s Director, Consulting Services - Analytics and Internet of Things. It’s called, “How Data Proliferation Can Provide a Competitive Advantage to Channel Partners,” and provides some very sage insights on the direction of the IoT and analytics market along with some of the reasons for the hesitation in embracing IoT and analytics on the part of channel partners.

Check it out, it’s a great read.

About the Author

Steven Kelley is a senior marketing specialist for Tech Data in Tempe, Arizona. In his role, Steve manages the company’s Authority blog site and its partner newsletter, Power of Partnership. Prior to joining Tech Data, Steve managed the marketing, communication and PR duties for a range of businesses in the aviation, defense, energy, hi-tech and healthcare industries.

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