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Data Analytics: Revolutionizing Business to Meet the Shifting Needs of the Third Platform

Posted by Steven Capuano on Jul 26, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Your customers look to you for expertise – so give it to them. Advancements in technology are happening at an exponential rate. To keep up, your customers are turning to you for your expertise and thought leadership to help them navigate the winds of change on their digital transformation journey. As their trusted advisor and advocate, you’ve seen your customers through many technology change cycles. Now those customers are embarking on a new path, integrating digital practices into all areas of their business. They are re-evaluating legacy processes, software and hardware systems to ensure they provide maximum value and benefit to their end users and their end user’s bottom line. Luckily you’re here to help your customers remap their success using third-platform tools.

What Is the 3rd Platform?

So, what’s the 3rd Platform, which by being “third,” implies two predecessors? The platforms refer to computer platforms in technology. The 1st Platform encompasses mainframes and terminals, involving millions of users on thousands of apps. The 2nd Platform focuses on PCs and client/servers affecting hundreds of millions of users on tens of thousands of apps. The 3rd Platform transforms the way people interact with technology, including mobile devices. Mobility engages billions of users on millions of apps.

Billions of users and millions of applications mean that by the end of 2019, related technologies and services will compromise 75 percent of all IT spending – growing at twice the regular rate of the total IT market. This growth in data, users and applications presents an opportunity for your customers.

If the move to digital is calculated and strategic, your customers can drive tailored experiences to maximize customer satisfaction. Those customized experiences will ignite incremental spend and create economies of scale through digitization, reducing costs, risk and capital expense, while maximizing profit. It’s imperative for your business to be ready to enable that spending by ramping up your skills and capabilities in those related areas.

Pillars of Digitization

A major pillar of the digital transformation and 3rd Platform growth is big data and analytics. Your customers are asking you about analytics, but you don’t know where to start to guide them. With so many vendors and products in the market, navigating the data analytics landscape can be intimidating. Your sales reps have a proven method of selling with excellent contacts and installation resources. How do you convince them to embark into the unknown and pivot their conversations to adjacent expertise?

Empower Your Sales in Digital Transformation

Embarking on the unknown of analytics doesn’t mean your sales team must enter blindly. It’s very possible to efficiently gain insight into industries, key vendors and technology differentiators when you work with a solutions aggregator. Tech Data is here to guide you from the unknown to readiness. For more on how Tech Data is the solutions aggregator for you, visit LevelUp.

Contact Tech Data’s analytics specialists at analytics@techdata.com to set up a time to discuss how you can bolster your line card with industry-leading vendors and solutions to remain relevant to your proven customer base.

About the Author

Steven Capuano is a solutions consultant for Tech Data’s Analytics Solutions practice.

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