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Big Data - The DNA of Technology's New Frontier

Posted by Steven Kelley on Oct 22, 2019 7:00:00 AM
Steven Kelley
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Each generation has its own ‘new frontier’ upon which it is defined; today’s is Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation is the DNA of next-gen technology and the genetic roadmap for tomorrow’s evolutionary tech genome, the Fourth Platform. At the cellular level of all of this is big data. The ability to analyze data on a global scale to instantly reveal behavioral patterns, correlations, market trends and customer preferences, will be a game changer; an order of magnitude shift in business intelligence.

It is estimated that over the next three years, the proliferation of data will represent a 40 percent increase in net-new revenue. However, for many SMBs, Digital Transformation is a double-edge sword. The rate of change and the capital requirements can make it prohibitive.

In a recent interview with Andrea Miner, Tech Data’s Director, Consulting Services, IoT and Analytics, the Authority blog discussed these issues and why Tech Data is the solution aggregator best positioned to enable partners to exploit the benefits of Digital Transformation without the heavy lift associated with developing solutions organically.

Authority: Technology is reshaping the marketplace unlike ever before. Given the speed and complexity of changes, how do companies stay current?

Andrea: The introduction of the cloud, new security requirements and now data and analytics, has required business to shift operationally to remain competitive. The investments associated with these market changes are disruptive for channel partners. The proliferation of data and its impact on the market requires our partners to pivot -again- and invest in analytics practices. Tech Data’s repeatable solutions approach to IoT and analytics provides partners with repeatable, scalable solutions; lowering their barrier to entry.

The ability to partner with a solution aggregator who understands vertical markets, provides consulting services, offers repeatable solutions and has the resources to enable channel partners to generate IoT and analytics revenue in 90 days is a game changer. Tech Data stands alone in this area.

Authority: You say that Tech Data “stands alone.” How?

Andrea: Our competitors offer different solution options. What differentiates Tech Data  is the breadth and scalability of our offerings. Our IoT and Analytics Solution Catalog comprises over 30 proven, repeatable solutions offering specific use cases in key vertical markets focused on solving business problems. To make these solutions executable, our team of solutions consultants leverage our Practice Builder™ methodology to guide and assist partners to enable a faster time to market.

Authority: Tell us more about Practice Builder™. What makes it unique?

Andrea:  Practice Builder™ helps partners get to market far faster than would be possible working alone. Providing a catalog of repeatable solutions is powerful, but couple that with the enablement that our solution consultants provide and it ensures the solutions are executable. Our consultants leverage our Practice Builder™ methodology in a 1.5 day workshop that includes a readiness assessment, strategy and business plan development, marketing support and a build period of 90 days, to help take a solution from Tech Data’s IoT and Analytics Solution Catalog, or one of their own, to market.

Authority: You referred to Tech Data as a solution aggregator. What happened to technology distributor?

Andrea: We’re so much more than a ‘distributor.’ We have an end-to-end solutions portfolio, ranging from endpoint devices (consumers) to advanced solutions (enterprises); spanning all next-gen technologies across key industry verticals. The ability to communicate solution value requires a solid understanding of the vertical market. Tech Data has been enabling partners in our verticals for over 10 years.

The consumerization of IT has shifted the emphasis from ‘technology product’ to ‘business value’. In the past, partners were set up to sell products based on features, capabilities, etc. The decision criteria was technically-oriented so the discussion resided within IT. The ‘virtualization’ of technology ­- cloud, edge computing, analytics, the promise of 5G, etc., -plays a far more strategic role for the business, thereby elevating its discussion to the C-Suite for  broader, business solution orientation. The ability to support the change in focus requires the capabilities to offer a catalog of solutions focused on use case that provide business outcomes, not just products.

Authority: How do next-generation technology discussions with your partners help them add value?

Andrea: Our solutions development team looks at very specific solutions created for one particular business problem and applies them across multiple verticals for different use cases. This process allows us to leverage solutions, creating scalability and not reinventing the wheel every time we enter into an analytics and IoT engagement.  Many  result in opportunities that could achieve $1M+ in new revenue. 

Nobody else is applying consulting expertise to allow partners to launch a single solution. This approach puts us two to three years ahead of anyone else. By the time they implement like processes, we will be on to the next advancement.

Analytics: True Value of Connectivity

The success-defining element of tomorrow’s technology isn’t connectivity, it’s analytics. Analytics allows us to assimilate a world of data into meaningful information, driving real-time advancements in healthcare, commerce, transportation and knowledge. Schedule a consultation with our team and let's discuss how Tech Data can help you in building out an analytics or IoT practice. If you are interested in becoming a Tech Data channel partner, submit a reseller application or a vendor application.

About the Author

Steven Kelley is a senior marketing specialist for Tech Data in Tempe, Arizona. In his role, Steve authors and contributes articles about next-gen technologies and market trends to Tech Data’s corporate blog, Authority, as well as the company’s partner newsletter, The Power of Partnership. Prior to joining Tech Data, Steve managed the marketing, communication and PR duties for a range of businesses in the aviation, defense, energy, hi-tech, and healthcare industries. Steve’s background and profile can found on LinkedIn.

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