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BDaaS: Not just another “As a Service” for Cloud and Data Analytics

Posted by Ethan Fitzsimons on May 15, 2017 9:59:33 AM

bdaas data analyticsThe popularity of “as a service” offerings continues to grow, and it seems like you can pretty much find anything as a service—there’s almost an “aaS” for every letter of the alphabet. One you may know in theory but not necessarily by name is “BDaaS,” or Big Data as a Service also considered to be data analytics managed services. 

While Big Data continues to flourish in the global market, solution providers are looking to help businesses improve their decision making and become more responsive to their end-users. One effective approach is to combine the aspects of cloud computing with information enabled by data analytics. By leveraging analytics and cloud-based services for software and hardware including Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), BDaaS offers comprehensive insight for processing, storing and analyzing data that is valuable to business growth.  Just how valuable? Let’s discuss.

Big Data can get complex. Eliminate the hassle.

Big Data platforms are notoriously complex. On top of large upfront costs, storing and managing fluctuating quantities of information requires an ongoing investment of time and resources. For organizations that don't have idle servers and extra staff to throw at big data workloads, tapping into the cloud is an excellent alternative to maintaining costly internal infrastructure. In data analytics, solutions that allow customers to eliminate the hassle of management are in high demand which makes BDaaS a prime solution.

Security and compliance are always challenging.  Discover comprehensive accessibility with centralized control.

If complexity is an issue, then security and compliance are even more so. Customers may think that putting their data in the cloud would lead to more security challenges, but in fact the opposite is true. Instead of users storing data on their personal computers and incidentally having to maintain endpoint security on their own, managed services allows everybody access to information while still maintaining centralized control by IT. This includes the line of business having access to data stores too and if there ever were a demand for comprehensive access, it is being driven by these folks.

On-premise data analytics platform can be costly. Convert CAPEX to OPEX.

For savvy data analytics solution providers, managed services is a huge opportunity to become a hero in the eyes of their customers. With managed services, customers can avoid the capital expenditure necessary for an on premise data analytics platform, converting the expense to operational. These kinds of expenses are far more likely to be approved. IT is happy because they are not eating up their budget. Line of business users are happy because they are getting access to the solution they need to make business decisions. Another cost-efficient advantage for customers is that they pay only for what they use.  As an added benefit, the savings customers may experience could very well be applied towards other investments, making it a win for solutions providers. Score another for the heroes.

Basically, managed services simplify the lives of everyone involved, and that’s always a good thing.

Providing managed services equates to an additional, recurring revenue stream for channel partners. It allows partners to further round out their data analytics portfolio without having to add specific supplier certifications or staff resources. Because BDaaS is so scalable, solution providers have the ability to reach smaller customers, even those with fewer than 25 users, with minimal risk.  Not only does managed services increase the channel’s market share but it also nourishes customer collaboration and increases the potential for future opportunities.

Interested in learning more about data analytics managed services? Tech Data's Data Analytics team is currently working on innovative new offerings for data as a service.  View this webinar as just one of the promising opportunities for partners to engage in data as a service.

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