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Top 4 Technology Trends Shaping the Future of Healthcare IT

Posted by Elorie Knilans on Feb 5, 2014 11:20:34 AM

With the rapid changes surrounding healthcare in 2014, including the rising demand for improved patient care and doctor experiences, as well as the continued move toward electronic records, healthcare IT is starting to show four distinct technology trends. Geared toward providing exceptional experiences, supporting improved outcomes, lowering operational costs and enhancing patient satisfaction, these four trends are helping to shape the future of healthcare IT.

1 - Big Data & Analytics:

Transforming the healthcare market by consolidating an increased supply of information and research and development, big data allows users to access singular medical databases with information from multiple sources, including hospitals, labs and physician offices. The journey of migrating to the usage of big data in healthcare has been in the works for several years, but with major advancements in HIPAA-compliant information security, more organizations are transitioning to big data and analytics, making it increasingly easier for medical professionals to have a holistic view of the patient’s medical records.

Read more about the First Healthcare Analytics Platform developed by Avnet Technology Solutions and built to run on Big Data Architecture,here. Last year, Avnet announced a new practice specifically for big data and analytics solutions; click here to read the press release.

2 - Cloud:

With more and more large healthcare organizations trusting their protected personal health information in the cloud, integration of all of healthcare information is no longer the talk of the future. There is a large transition from storing on-premise applications to securely and cost effectively storing patient information and data in the cloud, which will allow providers the ability to access the increasing amounts of information faster and from any location.

Learn how Avnet is transforming cloud solutions for healthcare organizations, listen to The Cloud Podcast featuring Marty Mercer, a healthcare consultant and Tim Fitzgerald, vice president, Avnet Cloud Solutions. Visit the Avnet Cloud Solutions website for more details.

3 - Telemedicine:

As physicians and healthcare providers constantly face the battle of providing best-in-class care to patients in remote locations, or those homebound, the option of telemedicine will vastly close the gap in 2014 to provide excellent healthcare to all. With the implementation of healthcare assessments and diagnosis delivered through video and phone conferencing, high-quality interaction between doctor and patients is provided no matter where either happens to be.

Learn how Avnet and this telemedicine-specific solution are working together to transform accessability to healthcare.

4 - Mobility:

In 2014, every consumer enjoys having the knowledge of the world at their fingertips, as do tech-savvy patients when demanding transparency of their personal health records and clinicians when it comes to accessing those patient records. The advancement toward meeting the demand for mobility provides patient and physician secure access to data via their mobile devices, so patients can better interact with their providers, and providers can take patient information with them from bedside to operating room, all in the palm of their hand through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

For more information on moving toward mobility with Avnet, visit our Data Center Solutions page.

With many transitions expected to occur in the healthcare field throughout 2014 and the increasing possibilities of advancement in healthcare through technology, the demand is high for a knowledgeable partner. To learn how Avnet Technology Solutions’ best-in class healthcare IT solutions and services solve your customer’s issues, visit us at both #1635 at HIMSS14. To make an appointment to meet with Avnet during the HIMSS14 conference, visit our registration page.

This year we will be showing four featured solutions:

  • Healthcare Portal Solutions help your patients locate health and wellness information, make transactions, streamline office and hospital visits and communicate directly with providers. Online portals foster greater engagement, more efficient patient interactions and help you meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 guidelines.
  • Telemedicine Solutions enable cost-effective, high-quality interactions between doctors and patients—no matter where either happens to be.
  • Healthcare Analytics Solutions integrate disparate and siloed data, offering healthcare providers a more holistic view of information to use in improving patient care.
  • Epic Medical Records Mobile Solution gives physicians remote secure access to clinical desktops using any device for a convenient way to treat patients while easing multiple endpoint management via a single, centralized location.

If you’re unable to visit HIMSS14 this year, learn more about Avnet’s healthcare solutions and how you can specialize in the healthcare market, by visiting Avnet HealthPath.

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