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Sponsored by Intel: Spotlight On Kyle Alvarez - Discover Gaming and Esports With Intel Technology

Oct 29, 2020 6:06:47 PM   |   Kelly Armstrong   |   Intel, Esports, Gaming, Extreme Sports League

Kyle Alvarez is the Senior Product Manager for Intel at Tech Data. We recently sat down with him to chat about Intel’s footprint in the gaming and esports industry and what that means for the future of your business.


Sponsored by Veritas: Spotlight on Simon Jelley - Bridging Data Protection with Remote Work Security

Oct 28, 2020 8:49:04 PM   |   Michael Santos   |   Veritas, Desktop Laptop Option (DLO), SaaS Back Up, Remote Network Security

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of connecting with Simon Jelley, GM and VP of Product Management at Veritas Technologies. We talked about Veritas’ commitment to customer-centricity, empowering people and increasing productivity. Simon returns with insights on keeping data secure in an era of remote work and how the acceleration to cloud opens new possibilities for collaboration.


5 Security Facts that Should Alarm Your SMB Customers

Oct 27, 2020 5:53:26 PM   |   Julie Wagoner   |   cyberattacks, small business, SMBs, cyber threats to small business

An increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses are coming under attack. Yet even as the numbers rise, many SMBs are still unprepared (or under-prepared) at a time when the costs associated with a breach can sink a business. And there are new risks.


Discover Tech-as-a-Service with Business Development Manager Alex Fitzhugh

Oct 22, 2020 5:41:02 PM   |   Adi Moussa   |   tech as a service, TaaS

Tech Data’s Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) program is a comprehensive and completely scalable solution that combines the latest hardware, software and services into a single subscription price. Recently, Tech Data Authority talked with TaaS Business Development Manager (BDM), Alex Fitzhugh, to learn more about this solution and how it can help technology resellers and end users.


A Tribute to Hispanic/Latinx Traditions, Voiced by Tech Data Employees

Oct 15, 2020 1:09:50 PM   |   Karina Seir   |   Hispanic Heritage Month, Tech Data Culture, Fuerza

In the first part of this series dedicated to Hispanic Heritage Month, I conveyed my excitement about being able to share insights from my Hispanic and Latinx co-workers at Tech Data. The connection I felt with each of them through one-on-one conversations and the exchange of emails was automatic.