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Phishing: Stay in the know to keep your information safe

December 21, 2016   |   Tim Ayer

A devious new technique is being used by cyber thieves that involve something called phone phishing. Most of us are on the defense when we receive an unsolicited call from someone posing as a representative of Microsoft’s Technical Support Department, wanting you to log on to a “special” website, or posing as an IRS auditor demanding immediate payment, or posing as a bank representative trying to confirm your account information for security purposes. What if the cyber thief convinced you to call them and give your information willingly? If you think this is not going happen to you, keep reading.

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It’s December and the Phishing is Fine.

December 14, 2016   |   Christopher Parisi

It’s that time of year when online shopping and credit card purchases increase drastically during the Christmas buying season. Analysts predict the numbers for Cyber Monday point to over 122 million transactions, with specials running throughout the month of December. So what does this mean for the throngs of hackers trolling the internet to steal Christmas?
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Not All Cloud Productivity Requirements Are Created Equal

December 6, 2016   |   Jeff Salanco

We are passionate about provide IT Solution providers with Access to best in class cloud and managed service technology.  Tech Data Cloud’s portfolio of solutions is built on lasting partnerships with established market leaders and innovative born in cloud vendors.

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Office 365 + Tech Data = Better Together

December 1, 2016   |   Nick Augeri

TD_Blog_800x550 Office-504306-edited

“Microsoft 365” is one of the most commonly-searched terms on the internet—and that's a problem. For those of us familiar with the subject, we all know there's no such thing as “Microsoft 365;” it’s actually Microsoft Office 365; and more commonly referred to as Office 365. As marketers and resellers, we should refer to the products we sell using their proper names to ensure we’re being looked at as subject matter experts.

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No Wi-Fi? No thanks!

November 9, 2016   |   Raquel Acuna

Recently, I have made an effort to visit restaurants or venues that offer Wi-Fi connectivity, both for me and for my little one. Yes, my six-year-old daughter will not go anywhere without her electronic gadgets, and as much as I ask her not to bring any along, either the iPad or her cell phone are always close.

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