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Tech DataSecurity

The Facts About GDPR

May 24, 2018    |   Brandon Kowalski    |   data protection, security, GDPR, regulations, security services


What Is GDPR?


Cyber Convergence: Security, the Cloud and Your Data

March 28, 2018    |   Milo Speranzo    |   data, security, public sector, cyber convergence

In the world of Federal IT, we all know cloud and cyber are driving the conversation – especially when it comes to IT modernization. That’s why Tech Data government solutions and MeriTalk hosted the “Cyber Convergence: Security, the Cloud, and Your Data” event the morning of March 8 at the Newseum.


Enterprise Risk Management: 6 Ways to Enable Your Customers to Defend Against the Growing Malware Threat

March 21, 2018    |   Brandon Kowalski    |   Cybersecurity, malware, Risk Management, security

Enabling your customers to help them mitigate risk can be challenging. Adversaries only need to find a single entry point into a network to put your customer on the front page. Fighting back against malware and other malicious attacks means not only preventing attacks before malware infiltrates, but also identifying and eradicating malware that may already be in their systems while minimally affecting business operations. 


Challenging Common Notions of Linux Security

March 15, 2018    |   Grant Chapman    |   Security, OSS, open source software, Linux

Top 3 Reasons Users Love Linux


What You Need to Know About the Dark Web

February 23, 2018    |   Amber Langdon    |   Security, malware, Dark Web, Deep Web

According to a recent Nielsen report, Americans spend over ten hours every day consuming media. Much of this time is spent on the internet surfing the “surface web,” which includes all websites that are searchable on a typical search engine such as Google. What many people don’t realize is that they also frequently visit the “deep web,” which consists of any websites that a search engine cannot find. The majority of websites on the deep web are harmless and can be as simple as search results for a very specific query. For example, when you search for a particular product on techdata.com, your unique search results would be considered part of the deep web since your specific results are not searchable on Google.


5 Overlooked Security Tasks

February 16, 2018    |   Christopher Parisi    |   Cybersecurity, shadow it, zero-day, Tech Data Security

Security engineers spend countless hours tightening the perimeter of their network, purchasing appliances, virus protection and sandbox services to combat the latest
zero-day warnings. Then the one day they think they have it all under control, the unthinkable happens – a breach in the network. The team manages to gain control, closes the gap and remediates the issues. When the disaster recovery plan has been completed and the summary report is due, the source of the invasion was something that was simply overlooked. All the planning, hardware, BMP and employee training was subverted by an issue that deserves the hardest face-palm.  


Reining in Shadow IT: Why Does It Happen and How Can You Protect Your Customer?

February 9, 2018    |   Danny Smith    |   IT Security, security, shadow it

“Shadow IT” sounds like something sinister or rebellious, but that’s not really the case. Shadow IT refers to employees accessing outside software or tools on their own without going through the company’s of­ficial IT infrastructure and processes. However, it can cause serious issues for companies and individuals.


4 Identity Management Challenges to Conquer

February 7, 2018    |   Tech Data    |   Security, identity management, authentication

Identity management plays an important part in our everyday lives. It uses all the different pieces of information we have about our users and systems to grant access to tools, functions, software or devices.


What Digital Transformation Means to Me - An Americas Perspective

January 25, 2018    |   Tech Data    |   Security, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), enterprise mobility

Blog Image (1)

In part two of our digital transformation blog series, we asked leaders from the Americas region, “What does digital transformation mean to you?” Find out our team’s business insights and recommendations on how to navigate the evolving digital landscape in 2018.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Their Role in Cybersecurity

Two cutting-edge technologies that are consistently mentioned in market trends and product advancement are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Often they’re used interchangeably, especially when talking about big data, analytics and other technologies that require processing power, mathematical parsing and data interpretation on massive scales. Unfortunately, these technologies, while related, are not one in the same.