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The Human Firewall: 5 Tips for Optimal Network Security

June 23, 2017    |   Christopher Parisi    |   Security Tips, Human Firewall, network security

One of the most important network defenses is the human firewall. Just as network firewalls need to have firmware updates, auditing of rules, and testing, the human firewall is no different. Left in a static state, the human firewall will become outdated and vulnerable to phishing and social engineering attacks. In many ways, it’s the first line of defense in cyber operations.


5 Need-To-Know BYOD Security Tips for Your Customers

June 13, 2017    |   Ally Azzarelli    |   IT Security, byod

Mobile technology trends are crossing rapidly into the business environment. The presence of personal devices in the workplace is growing at a record pace. In fact, 67 percent of today’s employees are bringing their own laptops, smartphones, and tablets to the office.1


3 Takeaways from Tech Data’s Advanced Technology Symposium

May 29, 2017    |   Amber Langdon    |   Security, IoT, Human Firewall, StreamOne

Tech Data hosted the annual Advanced Technologies Symposium April 11-14 in sunny Clearwater, Florida. The event featured breakouts on industry trends, sessions on how the resellers can grow their business, and networking events with the thirty sponsoring vendors. Sessions topics included the data center market, digital transformation, IOT, security, e-commerce, social media, and financing your business growth. Here are three highlights from the event:


From Prospect to Client: 5 Tips for a Successful Security Audit

May 12, 2017    |   Christopher Parisi    |   security audit

When selling security solutions to your prospects, building trust and being seen as an advisor and subject-matter expert sets you apart.

It’s not just about selling point products, but rather it’s about solutions that can scale with threat trends and future unknowns. Here are five tips for your next security assessment to help you turn a prospect into a client:


3 Trends and 3 Takeaways for Cyber Security and Information Management

May 8, 2017    |   Tracy Holtz    |   Security

Today kicks off Security and Information Management Focus Week at Tech Data, where we’re focusing on ways to keep your business and your clients’ business protected from cyber threats. We’re doing this by educating our team members about cyber security trends and solutions.  

Some of the information we’re sharing with your team includes how cyber security is showing rapid growth overall as the volume of threats has increased exponentially over the past few years. 


6 Must-Haves for a Solid Data Management Plan

May 5, 2017    |   Brett Johnson    |   Data Management, Data Breach


As data continues to grow at exponential rates, companies must create a solid data management plan to make the most of this asset and put them in the best possible position for success. Obtaining this level of “information utopia” doesn’t come without its share of challenges.  

Information management oversees data throughout its life from creation to deletion and having a clear plan will help maximize the best use of IT budgets. Consider one of the most common business functions, email.


To Prevent Data Breaches, Build a Strong Human Firewall

April 19, 2017    |   Amber Langdon    |   Data Breach

Smaller firms suffer the steepest consequences when hit with a cyber attack. Findings show 60 percent of small businesses that suffer a data breach go out of business within six months of the attack. The average attack costs a firm roughly $4 million dollars. The outlook is bleak but there are options.


The Cyber Threat Landscape: 4 Attack Vectors to Prepare for This Year

April 10, 2017    |   Christopher Parisi    |   Cybersecurity

Last year we saw an unprecedented increase in attacks by nation states, hacker groups, and rogue players. This year the threats can only be described as more and more complex with every passing month and they’re knocking on your network door. Here are the top 4 threats you need to do to prepare for:


Ransomware Wars: 5 Ways to Add Value While Protecting Your Customers

March 31, 2017    |   Christopher Parisi    |   Security

Cyber criminals have your clients in their crosshairs with the two newer forms of the ransomware threat. It’s a must for the growth-oriented value-added reseller (VAR) to offer training, resources, and support around addressing this threat. Here’s why: 


Securing Smart Devices from Intrusion & Data Loss

January 20, 2017    |   Christopher Parisi    |   Security, Mobility

Security for your smart device is now more important than ever. Since 2015, the amount of e-commerce transactions, social media interactions and corporate data interactions, as well as personal communications performed on smart devices including tablets, phones and smart watches, has surpassed the amount on PCs and laptops.