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A Channel Response to the Equifax Breach

October 16, 2017    |   Alex Ryals    |   Security, Security Vulnerabilities, Security Assessment

Most likely you have already heard the devastating news of the cyber-attack against Equifax in mid-May.  Although the world didn’t find out about the breach until mid-September, the impact to individuals was tremendous with the exfiltration of names, addresses, SSNs and birth dates for over 145.5M people. However, despite all the media coverage, reports that only about 61 million Americans—just over a quarter of all consumers—checked their credit score or credit report in the two weeks following the breach. In other words, the majority of Americas are doing very little to protect themselves despite the clear warnings as a result of this catastrophic incident.


3 Ways to Improve Industrial Cybersecurity

October 6, 2017    |   Christopher Parisi    |   Cybersecurity, industrial

A whole new Cybersecurity sector that deals with automation vulnerabilities has emerged due to the industry’s demand to streamline production of goods, monitor industrial services and the ability to create highly-refined processes to increase the efficiency of the industry.


The 4-Step Cybersecurity Framework Process: What It Is and How You Can Leverage It to Grow Your Security Practice

September 25, 2017    |   Marshall Hall    |   Security, Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is discussed at such a high level that there typically isn’t a clear roadmap for businesses to follow to secure their workplace. Most companies are aware of the need to address security concerns, but taking concise actions to mitigate risk can seem overwhelming. What's missing in the cybersecurity discussion is a clear, holistic identification of the risks and actionable steps that can be taken to mitigate these risks. 


The Economics of Cybersecurity: 10 Ways to Tell if Your Company Is Operating Below the Security Poverty Line

September 1, 2017    |   Christopher Parisi    |   Security, Cybersecurity, economics

The term “The Security Poverty Line,” has been used as early as 2011. The concept is becoming more and more of a conversation point when talking with information security professionals, especially those who have very limited budgets due to the size of the business or C-Level executives who don’t have ownership responsibility of the data that’s in their possession. Companies that must meet government regulatory compliance metrics often find themselves “security poor” and unable to afford the security they need to pass compliance requirements. These requirements may be satisfied through certain security upgrades or policies, but security professional must remember that compliant and secure aren’t necessarily synonymous.


4 Easy Ways to Increase Your IT Security Customer Base

August 25, 2017    |   Laura Vanassche    |   Cybersecurity, lead generation, resellerCONNECT, IT marketing

Cybersecurity is big business – companies need your services and expertise now more than ever. Sure, new prospects are contacting you, but typically the majority of new clients seek out cybersecurity experts after they’ve fallen victim to a breach. Proactively finding and acquiring new leads doesn’t have to be costly and challenging. Here are four easy ways to expand your client base.


Security-as-a-Service for SMBs: What It Means for Your Growing Security Business

August 11, 2017    |   Christopher Parisi    |   Security, saas

Your small business clients are facing serious challenges in protecting their data, and they may be able to use an emerging solution to mitigate their risks: security-as-a-service. The managed services solution helps you reach customers that may not otherwise have access to the individual parts of security solutions.


Channel Link Recap: Meet the Hackers

July 28, 2017    |   Amber Langdon    |   Security, Hackers, Channel Link

During the week of June 12 – 16, Tech Data held the annual Channel Link partner conference in National Harbor, Maryland. More than 300 of the firm’s SMB partners attended this event and had the opportunity to meet with our 56 sponsoring vendor partners.


5 Security Solutions Everyone in the Healthcare Industry Should Be Using

July 12, 2017    |   Amber Langdon    |   Security, Healthcare

Security is especially essential for healthcare organizations, as they are a top target for cyberattacks. Healthcare records can sell for up to ten times more than a credit card number, making them a very popular mark for cyber criminals. Additionally, the Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act (HIPAA) require healthcare organizations to protect the privacy of their patient information.


The Security Skills Gap: 4 Ways to Attract and Retain the Best Cyber Security Talent

July 7, 2017    |   Tim Ayer    |   Cybersecurity

According to a series of recent reports, there are approximately one million job openings for cybersecurity professionals today. Even more telling, is that figure is expected to grow to 1.5 million unfilled positions by 2019 and accelerate to more than three million by 2021.1 Robert Herjavec, of Shark Tank TV fame and the CEO of the cybersecurity firm The Herjavec Group stated, “Unfortunately the pipeline of security talent isn’t where it needs to be to help curb the cybercrime epidemic.”2


3 Tips for Protecting Your Critical Infrastructure

June 26, 2017    |   Tim Ayer    |   Cybersecurity, Security Tips, tips

In the blink of an eye, it happens. The electricity goes out and you’re left wondering when the backup generator will kick in and rescue you from this unacceptable interruption. Power outages are nothing new and we typically experience them as a result of severe weather, equipment failure, or random power surges. In today’s always-on and always-connected world, you can add cyber threats to the list of potential causes.