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As Wi-Fi proliferation increases, Managed Services via Cloud looks more appealing to customers

January 30, 2018    |   Harish Sathisan    |   cloud, wifi, enterprise mobility management, wireless

With the excess of mobile devices and bandwidth-heavy applications in the consumer and enterprise space, the traffic being driven across wireless networks has increased dramatically.  Employees and customers alike from large corporate organizations down to the local coffee shop have come to expect fast, reliable wireless access.  Also, the digital transformation efforts that organizations undertake today such as making core organizational content accessible to their employee base, partners and customers via mobile formats increases traffic. It does not stop there, organizations that allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, which help ensure that their employees are more productive are dependent on an organizations’ infrastructure having robust, high availability, high coverage for wireless connectivity. Such expectations, efforts and requirements merit organizations to take a closer look at their wireless network, especially if they wish to improve their mobile initiatives.