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The Future of Logistics on Display


Having attended the recent MODEX conference in Atlanta, I had the chance to see the future of logistics. Let me tell you, the future is going to be exciting! Here are some observations that’ll redefine how logistics are conducted and ultimately, the future success of logistics businesses.


IWCE Conference Opened My Eyes to the Vast Landscape of Mobility Opportunity

May 2, 2018    |   Angela Costa    |   Client & Mobility, Mobility, MSS, LTE

I thought I understood mobility. I was wrong. The opportunity is so much bigger than I thought.


Scalable Mobile Solutions Fulfill Transportation’s Electronic Logging Devices Mandate and More

April 11, 2018    |   Charles Vanterpool    |   Client & Mobility, Mobility, fleets


I recently had the honor of representing Tech Data’s Mobility Endpoint Team at the 2018 Omnitracs Outlook Conference in Nashville, Tenn. During the conference, transportation industry leaders had a chance to discuss how next-generation solutions are solving the major industry trends that currently shape the transportation market, including:


HIMSS 18: The Future of Healthcare IT is Here and Now 

With almost 1,400 exhibitors and a diverse selection of educational sessions, HIMSS 18 offered attendees the chance to connect with healthcare experts and professionals showcasing their products and services in specialty areas such as connected health and telehealth, privacy, security, information exchange, analytics and innovation. Healthcare IT is continuously evolving, but some of the technologies that had been previously considered futuristic are now available and in use by a variety of healthcare providers.  Here are a few of the solutions showcased at HIMSS 18 that illustrate that “future” healthcare technologies are now a reality:


Empowering the Healthcare Industry's Digital Transformation

The challenges in healthcare are plenty. Organizations are tasked with improving patient care & patient satisfaction, improving the health of populations and lower the per-capita cost of healthcare. New mobile-based collaborations between caregiver and patient will improve the way organizations serve consumers. The Internet of Things (IoT) including wearables, medical device and EHR data collection and analysis can help identify patients with chronic diseases, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a role in identifying treatment efficacies for better outcomes and lowering the cost of care.


As Wi-Fi proliferation increases, Managed Services via Cloud looks more appealing to customers

January 30, 2018    |   Harish Sathisan    |   cloud, wifi, enterprise mobility management, wireless

With the excess of mobile devices and bandwidth-heavy applications in the consumer and enterprise space, the traffic being driven across wireless networks has increased dramatically.  Employees and customers alike from large corporate organizations down to the local coffee shop have come to expect fast, reliable wireless access.  Also, the digital transformation efforts that organizations undertake today such as making core organizational content accessible to their employee base, partners and customers via mobile formats increases traffic. It does not stop there, organizations that allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, which help ensure that their employees are more productive are dependent on an organizations’ infrastructure having robust, high availability, high coverage for wireless connectivity. Such expectations, efforts and requirements merit organizations to take a closer look at their wireless network, especially if they wish to improve their mobile initiatives. 


3 Ways Virtual Reality Is Impacting Healthcare

October 11, 2017    |   Jess Holy    |   Healthcare, virtual reality

There are many practical applications for virtual reality (VR) in healthcare, from treating post-traumatic stress disorder and phobias to pain management to training and robotic surgeries. And for your customers, the possibilities are endless. We’ve complied a list of three ways that VR is impacting healthcare and how you can position the solution to your healthcare customers.


Approaching Retail With Client and Mobile Solutions

September 20, 2017    |   Jess Holy    |   Client & Mobility, Retail

Mobility is changing the shopping experience, and the retail industry has embraced the pervasiveness of mobile devices. To help you harness the potential this vertical has for your client and mobile business, we’ve derived three key benefits that you can promote to your retail customers.


“The WiFi Is Slow Again!” 5 Tips for Offering Your Customers a WiFi Tune-Up

August 9, 2017    |   Glenn Cate    |   Client & Mobility, wifi

How often do you hear “WiFi is slow again today” or maybe even the dreaded “the WiFi just sucks.”?  If your customers’ wireless networks are under-performing or haven’t been reviewed recently, maybe it’s time for a W-Fi Tune-Up. Check out these five tips on doing a checkup for wireless networks. 


The Future of Devices: Prepare Now for the Advent of USB-C Powered Client Devices

July 31, 2017    |   Armando Garcia    |   Client & Mobility, USB-C, Devices

You’ve likely heard of the advent of USB-C as a connection standard for several new devices and peripherals. This standard has been rapidly adopted by many of the largest technology giants, such as Apple, Google, HP Inc., Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, and many more. The benefits of this new standard bring significant transformation, not only from a convenience standpoint, as evident by the reversible connector, but also in creating new ways to interact with devices.