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Key Personnel Who Can Open Doors for You in the IoT Space

September 29, 2017    |   Sean Colby    |   IoT, Internet of Things (IoT), Personnel

Think Outside the IT Box


From the Edge to Cloud

August 28, 2017    |   Michael Nelson    |   IoT, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, fog computing

Thanks to modern communications infrastructure we can bring the compute power from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to just about any point in the developed world. But what do your customers do when they need data-heavy analytics in remote, rural, or undeveloped locations? They can’t always afford to build a data center where they need them. The poor quality of infrastructure in these regions prevents the use of high bandwidth solutions. But there must be a solution, right? Think of an on-premise data center as the ground and a remote data center as the cloud. Now there needs to be an intermediate layer, something on the Edge where the data resides. Thinner than a cloud but looks the same up close, this is where Fog computing fits in.


IoT App Development: 4 Steps to Flourish

August 18, 2017    |   Ameer Reza Jalal    |   IoT, IoT App Development

A Guide for Software Developers to Traverse the IoT Landscape


5 Ways Industrial IoT Increases Safety in the Factory

August 7, 2017    |   Mike Smith    |   IoT, safety, factories

The market for industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions continues to grow almost as fast as IoT solutions overall. And that growth is driven by federal regulations. If you have customers in the area of facilities management, manufacturing, and industrial development, consider offering those clients IIoT solutions focused on worker safety.


Cisco Live 2017: Tech Data Smart IoT Solutions Recap

July 24, 2017    |   Jess Holy    |   IoT, Cisco Live

The Tech Data Smart IoT Solutions team recently showcased our capabilities as the IoT aggregator of choice at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, NV. At the conference, the Tech Data Smart team enlightened partners, customers, and vendors alike on its end-to-end solutions through their smart city model, while providing meaningful engagement to booth visitors from kickoff to close of conference.


4 Key IoT Partnerships Beyond the IT Bubble

June 21, 2017    |   Jess Holy    |   IoT, internet of things, partners, IoT Partnerships

The key to success in the Internet of Things (IoT) is to align with experts outside of the technology industry. Input from other industry specialists is vital to the success of any effective IoT system. We’ve identified four key partnerships that you should be leveraging to enable your IoT practice for success.


Mirai Botnet Attacks: What We’ve Learned for IoT Security

June 9, 2017    |   Jess Holy    |   IoT Devices, IoT Security

Botnets are a major threat for smart businesses and require a combination of resources, methods, and energy to defend against them. The largest botnet attack to date used IoT-enabled devices to gain entry into the world’s most vital business networks.

This raises a major concern because some of your customers may be using consumer-grade IoT devices that have baked-in security vulnerabilities. This causes immediate challenges for the customer and may have more widespread implications for computer networks at large.


Smart IoT: 5 Smart IoT Solutions Beyond the Hype

June 2, 2017    |   Michelle Curtis    |   IoT Opportunities

Many people see the flashy, consumer side of IoT that’s filled with flying devices, robots that carry items for you, and coffee pots with data analytics. Those things are great fun, but when it comes to building a business around the IoT opportunity, there's a world left untouched by many of your peers in the channel.


Ag Tech and IoT: Where to Find Your Next Customer

May 15, 2017    |   Sean Colby    |   AgTech

If you're wondering whether to pursue IoT for the AgTech (agricultural technology) industry, consider this: It's now a $7.8 trillion industry making up 10% of the global GDP, according to Forbes magazine.


Retail and IoT: 4 Strategies for Success

May 3, 2017    |   Michael Nelson    |   IoT, Smart Retail

One of the key ways to grow your business through IoT is to target the retail market. The solutions available in that vertical provide several ways to offer excellent customer service while streamlining operations.