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Harnessing Big Data in the Healthcare Industry

Big data has become a hot topic. Yet, companies are all over the map in terms of understanding what big data is and how they can harness it to optimize their business processes and innovate within target markets. Big data adoption follows a classic maturity curve. After seeing specific and measurable benefits realized by early adopters, an increasing number of companies want to put big data to work, and those in the healthcare industry are no exception. The problem is they don’t know how.


Retail Is Not Dying, It’s Simply Evolving Thanks to IoT

November 29, 2017    |   Michael Antoniou    |   IoT, Retail

The malls, restaurants and retail stores in Tampa Bay are booming! How do I know? I can't find parking anywhere. There are wait times to be seated at dining establishments on a weekday. And I had to wait in line to buy hand soap at the mall – seriously!  It seems like we’re hearing more and more about retail store closures and bankruptcies. But the reality is, these store closures aren’t new and there are retailers who are actually thriving thanks to digital transformation. But, in order to succeed in today’s competitive retail industry, retailers must be able to enhance their business operations and customer experience if they want to avoid falling behind the competition, losing consumer trust and ultimately going extinct. 


Mitigating Risk and Creating Loyal Customers – Creating a Roadmap to Analytics Success

November 22, 2017    |   Colleen Balda    |   Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Mitigating Risk

There’s immense pressure in the marketplace for organizations to become data driven and utilize the flows of data in and out of the business. When an organization harnesses its data properly, many advantages can be gained. These benefits include an increase in competitive advantage, finding new revenue opportunities, increasing profitability, increasing customer service and satisfaction, as well as achieving operational efficiencies. Unfortunately for some, the promise of those benefits comes at a cost and real value is never realized.


Keys to Effective Analytics Software Sales Cycles

November 17, 2017    |   Colleen Balda    |   Analytics, sales, Internet of Things (IoT)

The availability of information about products and services, from choosing a restaurant for lunch to implementing enterprise-wide analytics software, empowers modern consumers and businesses to become more educated and proactive than ever before. Such detailed data means the competition is more robust than in the past because these consumers can easily compare products and prices. Also, the expectations of the products and services’ derived value has increased. To be effective in getting through the noise to end customers, salespeople need to stand out as trusted advisors and leaders who add value and solve complex customer challenges.


'Tis the Season: Holiday Lights and Data Architecture Complexity

November 15, 2017    |   Brittany Taylor    |   holiday, Internet of Things (IoT), data architecture

With Halloween now behind us, I can't help but think about the upcoming winter holidays. Like many children, I grew up helping my parents decorate the outside of our house with an abundance of holiday lights. My father, an electrical engineer by training, always meticulously organized the overall process, including how we prepared and organized the lights for the following year. As a child, I always thought the organization was a bit overkill. However, as an adult, I came to appreciate the extra time we spent organizing the boxes, wrapping and testing the lights, and sealing the bags airtight. If it weren't for the additional organization, the decorating process would have been stressful and ruined the overall holiday spirit.


Getting Started With IoT Platforms

November 10, 2017    |   Ameer Reza Jalal    |   IoT, platform

Tips to Jumpstart Your IoT Practice

If you’re just beginning to traverse the landscape of the Internet of Things, you've likely come across a surplus of IoT platforms. To get the most out of IoT data, you'll need to employ the tools an IoT platform provides for connectivity, analytics, triggers, alerts and more. The quest for the perfect IoT platform often begins with the following questions:


Top 3 Industries Leveraging IoT Solutions in Artificial Intelligence

November 6, 2017    |   Christian Sullivan    |   IoT, artificial intelligence, ai

The backbone of Artificial Intelligence (AI) relies on the data that it collects. For an AI system to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence such as decision-making, there are two commonly known techniques it uses: machine learning and deep learning. Both techniques require data to be analyzed almost instantaneously to make split-second decisions. This is where IoT partners use AI to create an effective solution in nearly every industry. Certain industries benefit more than others in this AI and IoT realm based on the type of data available to collect.


Key Personnel Who Can Open Doors for You in the IoT Space

September 29, 2017    |   Sean Colby    |   IoT, Internet of Things (IoT), Personnel

Think Outside the IT Box


From the Edge to Cloud

August 28, 2017    |   Michael Nelson    |   IoT, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, fog computing

Thanks to modern communications infrastructure we can bring the compute power from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to just about any point in the developed world. But what do your customers do when they need data-heavy analytics in remote, rural, or undeveloped locations? They can’t always afford to build a data center where they need them. The poor quality of infrastructure in these regions prevents the use of high bandwidth solutions. But there must be a solution, right? Think of an on-premise data center as the ground and a remote data center as the cloud. Now there needs to be an intermediate layer, something on the Edge where the data resides. Thinner than a cloud but looks the same up close, this is where Fog computing fits in.


IoT App Development: 4 Steps to Flourish

August 18, 2017    |   Ameer Reza Jalal    |   IoT, IoT App Development

A Guide for Software Developers to Traverse the IoT Landscape