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Disaster Planning and Recovery in Healthcare Organizations


When creating a data protection, backup and recovery strategy, healthcare organizations have an additional layer of complexity to consider – critical system availability. Critical system availability prioritizes the availability of systems, in order of importance, during emergency situations by articulating which ones need to be re-established first, second and third, to ensure the least downtime for patient safety and uninterrupted quality of care.


Back to the Future – What’s Next With Government IT?

June 7, 2018    |   Milo Speranzo    |   Data Center, cloud, IT, Government, public sector, ai, Modernization, MGT Act, TDGS


Technology is constantly evolving. Cell phones that once looked like radios—too large for real portability—now fit in your pocket. Today, technology is all about speed and an endless array of functionality. For years, early adopters defined the market while the government traditionally lagged behind in adopting new technologies. Well, things are changing. New legislation is driving an atmosphere of ‘tech forward’ throughout the public sector.


Channel Management: 5 Steps to Find Better Partners


Building a partner channel isn’t just a numbers game. More isn’t always better and bigger isn’t always better, however better is better! When choosing channel partners, quality beats quantity. Great partners become a part of your brand, but so do poor ones who approach their end customers with anything less than a value-based offering. We’ll discuss what makes a great partner and how to find and recruit them for your channel program.


4 Reasons Why Knowledge Is Power for IT Channel Partners and ISVs

February 19, 2018    |   Sergio Farache    |   Data Center, ISV, specialized knowledge

Specialized knowledge is becoming one of the most requested services for channel partners to provide to end customers. Sergio Farache, senior vice president of global cloud solutions recently shared his thoughts on why technology channel partners and ISVs should establish specialized solution practices to understand and serve the unique complexities of their customers’ technology deployments.


Considerations Supporting AFA Investment for the 3rd Platform

February 5, 2018    |   Ryan Everett    |   Data Center, 3rd platform, all-flash array (AFA)

Did you know the All-Flash Array (AFA) market is one of the fastest-growing sub-segments of the overall enterprise storage space, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.4 percent through 2020?1  What’s most intriguing is how AFAs help align organizations into the 3rd platform (cloud, mobile, big data and analytics), which IDC predicts will account for 95 percent of IT expenditure by 2020.1


Accelerating Our Channel Partners’ Success With Tech Data Practice Builder

November 8, 2017    |   Lisa McGarvey    |   tag-4, Tech Data, Practice Builder

This week, Tech Data launched our Practice Builder methodology designed to accelerate growth for solution providers in next-generation technology areas, including cloud, security, IoT, analytics and mobility. 


The New Tech Data

October 26, 2017    |   Diane Mitchell    |   Security, Data Center, Client & Mobility, IoT, Cloud, Tech Data, brand

Technology is evolving at breakneck speed. This is pushing those in the channel to review their business strategy in order to stay on top and ahead of the changing technology landscape and the competition. It’s not enough to help your customers simply maintain IT infrastructure anymore—it’s about delivering innovative services, solutions and capabilities that solve customer’s toughest business challenges.


What’s the Most Important Question for Your Customer to Ask Big Data?

October 9, 2017    |   Colleen Balda    |   Big Data

Several things need to happen before your customer can start to pull meaning from raw data. First, a business problem needs to be defined. Next, the customer will have to figure out what data is available to inform an analysis. Finally, the information needs to be consolidated from internal and external systems in order to identify patterns in the data to build context and ­find insights. Only then, can data-driven solutions be proposed.


ExLab Prepares Next-Gen Graduates for Careers in IT

July 21, 2017    |   Judye Reed    |   Exploratory Lab Boot Camp, ExLab

Exploratory Boot Camp Lab graduates celebrate their success in collaboration, communication, and innovation to prepare for real-life careers in the technology industry.


Top 5 Trends in Data Center Infrastructure

With so much talk about disruption in the IT industry, let’s discuss the top data center trends that you may want to consider to solve your customers’ business challenges.