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Microsoft Inspire Recap: What We Revealed at the Event and How You Can Profit

August 16, 2017    |   Lisa Sparks    |   Cloud, Event Recap, Microsoft Inspire, Data Center to Living Room

Our team recently returned from Microsoft Inspire, the firm's global partner conference boasting 18,000 attendees, with three solid insights into the future of the channel and how to reach it through Tech Data's expanded array of products and services. Held from July 9-13 in Washington, D.C., Microsoft partners had the opportunity to experience Tech Data’s “data center to the living room” approach to providing end-to-end solutions.


Inspiring Innovation at the First Tech Data Hackathon

August 14, 2017    |   Lisa Kelly    |   Tech Data, Events, hackathon


5 Ted Talks Every MSP Should Watch

July 26, 2017    |   Jeff Salanco    |   MSP, Cloud, TED Talks

The managed services market is more competitive than ever before. Automation of activities and standardization of technologies offered are accelerating commoditization. This commoditization is driving price competition and putting a squeeze on margins. But not for everyone.


SMB Cloud Adoption: How to Help Smaller Firms Get the Most From IaaS

June 30, 2017    |   Matt Hamilton    |   SMB, Cloud, cloud adoption

Speed to market is essential to your bottom line, and time is money. The same also applies to your small business/startup customers. Cloud computing has enabled technology partners to set new speed records for installing IT infrastructure and making businesses fully operational. From purchase to final configurations, you could be looking at under an hour. If that isn’t great enough, it makes your proof of concept inexpensive, quick, and mostly painless.


Case Study: How One Firm Leveraged the Cloud for Growth and Customer Satisfaction

June 28, 2017    |   Raquel Acuna    |   Cloud, customer experience, Case Study

One of the biggest frustrations managed service providers (MSPs) have is when a customer is resistant to integrating new and more effective technologies into their business strategy. We know of one MSP in particular that overcame this challenge by leveraging a unique set of cloud computing solutions. Here’s their story: 


6 Ways to Determine If Your Business Is Cloud Ready

June 20, 2017    |   Laura Vanassche    |   Cloud, cloud ready

Reselling cloud solutions seems like a simple task. It’s just another product to promote, right? Not quite. Many businesses, like you, have already started offering cloud solutions to their clients, because the client asked for it. Now it’s time to consider promoting it as part of your offering. Before you can successfully market your new cloud offering, consider these six areas as a guide to determine if you’re truly cloud ready.


Cloud Billing Models: Options for Building Out Your Cloud Go-To-Market Strategy

June 5, 2017    |   Laura Vanassche    |  


As a cloud solution provider, getting control of monthly recurring revenue processes is paramount to successfully scale your business. Some vendors offer cloud-based services in an annual pre-pay, but to cloud purists, this isn’t truly a cloud model. Outside of the frequency that invoices are received, there are two common ways a cloud product is billed to resellers and/or clients: subscription and consumption.


5 Key Advantages of Desktop as a Service

May 26, 2017    |   Mike Loos    |   Client & Mobility, Cloud, Cloud Services

The “As-a-Service” label has become a common way to describe technology in the cloud arena, with software-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service leading the pack. But one area that is starting to see traction is Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). DaaS is all of your desktop apps and infrastructure, conveniently streamed to all of your client’s devices via a cloud service provider. It’s a sector that’s expected to grow by 27 percent each year until at least 2020, according to RnR Market Research.


Managing IaaS: The Best Business Models for Cost Control

May 10, 2017    |   Jeff Salanco    |   IaaS, Cloud Services

Partnering with solution providers to understand how to power the cloud is at the core of what we do every day. Recently, one of the more popular topics of conversation has been Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

And despite all of the information related to IaaS, IT Solution Providers (ITSP) are still looking for help in charting a course for a profitable go-to-market strategy. In our conversations, one word is carrying significant importance: control.


6 Points of Financial Mastery to Transition Your Business to Cloud Services

May 1, 2017    |   Laura Vanassche    |   Cloud Services

Transitioning from traditional on-premise IT systems to cloud-based services presents several impacts on daily business for you and your clients. While there are many benefits for a customer, you must also consider the impact it may have on your current processes and stakeholders. You want to be sure that you have enough cash to float the business during the transition period, as well as the correct metrics in place to gauge success.1