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3 Questions Your Customer Should Ask to Mitigate Cloud Migration Risk

December 6, 2017    |   Danny Smith    |  

cloud migration

When transformational moments in technology occur — like the introduction of cloud capabilities — issues or risks that we've tended to ignore or not address can manifest themselves in new systems, or can be further intensifi­ed through scale or changes in security protocols and infrastructure. Still, the benefits of cloud migration, from flexibility to improved disaster recovery to securing a competitive advantage with an improved and cohesive IT environment, are often well worth the effort.


What Does Hybrid Cloud Mean?

November 24, 2017    |   Anuj Tuli    |   Cloud, Hybrid Cloud

There is a lot of confusion around, “hybrid cloud.” The term “hybrid cloud” is used broadly and often misused. Wouldn’t IT be hybrid by nature? Doesn’t cloud involve different systems, personnel, technologies and processes, all merged under the same umbrella, and therefore innately classified as hybrid? Probably, yes. But there must be a specific meaning in every context when we see the term in use.  


The Cloud Conundrum

November 20, 2017    |   Milo Speranzo    |   Cloud, IT modernization, FedRAMP

It’s no secret that government agencies need help modernizing their IT systems. Feds have entered a data-driven era, and modern mission demands are pushing them to rethink their operational approaches.  As several Federal IT modernization mandates move full steam ahead, the pressure is on.  Agencies can no longer afford to sink money into life support for geriatric IT systems. Feds are getting closer and closer to enjoying the benefits of universal cloud adoption, but is it a long haul? What’s holding them back?


What CSPs Should Demand From a Cloud Marketplace Platform

November 13, 2017    |   Ian Constantine    |   Cloud Marketplace, Cloud, platform

"Cloud Marketplace Platform" is a new channel buzz phrase. This is something you may be considering, or have already started using. What exactly is a cloud marketplace? It’s a digital marketplace where you can purchase and manage cloud subscriptions and services across multiple vendors or cloud providers. Often available through your traditional distribution partner, you can also find marketplaces with non-traditional distribution partners for niche services.


Data Center to Cloud Migration: 8 Best Practices to Get You Started

November 3, 2017    |   Raquel Acuna    |   Data Center, Cloud, Best Practices, cloud migration

Cloud computing’s intensifying importance and the shift to hybrid IT is forcing organizations to quickly migrate systems infrastructure up and out of the physical data center.


Enhancing Business Outcomes With End-To-End Assessments

Whether you’re looking to foster existing customer relationships or seek new conversation-starters for prospects, consider tapping into assessments. Sure, assessments are an easy way to upsell and push inventory, but it’s important to think “big picture.” Assessments are key when it comes to enhancing your overall business outcomes. When thinking about analyzing their organizations’ network security, cloud, mobility, data center, IoT or “all of the above” – here’s what assessments can do for both you and your customers.


Why the 3-2-1 Rule for Backup by Itself Isn't Enough

September 22, 2017    |   Laura Vanassche    |   Cloud, Cloud Backup

Ensuring your clients’ data is secure and readily recoverable in the event of a breach or natural disaster is a top priority. Recent headlines showing the damage that ransomware and natural disasters, like Hurricane Harvey can inflict upon a network and its assets should motivate you to educate your clients to ensure backup policies are in place and effective.


5 Ways to Diversify Your Cloud Offering

August 30, 2017    |   Laura Vanassche    |   Cloud, cloud offerings, diversify

As an IT solution provider, it’s your company reputation on the line for a seamless, working customer experience. Cloud computing makes the user experience from the road to the desk seamless, but can prove challenging for the IT solution provider to maintain this standard. In an effort to future-proof your business, here are five ways to diversify your cloud offering to ensure operational stability, customer loyalty, and maintain a competitive edge.


How a Little-Known Financial Model Can Finance Migration to the Cloud

August 23, 2017    |   Stacy Nethercoat    |   Cloud, rule of 78, cloud migration

One of the biggest challenges to getting the most out of the cloud model is figuring out the best way to profit from it. Good new­s – there’s a concept from 80 years ago that applies well to the cloud financial model.


A New Wave in Cloud Computing: 7 Ways to Capitalize on Trends in Cloud

August 21, 2017    |   Raquel Acuna    |   Cloud, Cloud Computing, new wave

In today’s era, businesses no longer see cloud as a way to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Businesses of all sizes are now looking into cloud as the route to innovation, growth, and faster disruption.