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Five Ways You Could be Hurting Your Data Center Business

Mar 7, 2019 3:34:19 PM   |   James Russell, III   |   Data Center, integration, procurement, acceleration, credit, Build to Order

Utilizing a supply chain acceleration program can help you keep pace with your customers’ demands for faster and effortless data center procurement. According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, data center storage installed capacity will grow to 2.6 zettabytes (ZB) by 2021, up from 663 exabytes (EB) in 2016, a nearly four-fold increase.

Here are five of the most common ways you could be hurting your data center business and how you can rise above them.


Supply Chain Management in the Digital Age, Part One

Mar 5, 2019 6:17:42 PM   |   Chris Wright   |   digital, supply chain, services, digital services, supply chain management services

Today we are literally surrounded by technology. Data permeates each of us syncing our cars, our phones and our tablets. It even makes our TVs ‘smart.’ Cellular traffic, ubiquitous to even the most remote locations, feeds our growing appetite for information. It even communicates on our behalf when geographical or linguistic limitations impede our ability to effectively articulate location or intent.


February 2019 Blog Post Round Up

Mar 1, 2019 3:38:17 PM   |   Steven Kelley   |   Blog Round Up, Monthly Blog Summary

Welcome to Tech Data’s monthly roundup of blogs appearing on the Authority blogsite. Below are links to some of our most popular recent posts:


Security Practice Foundations Series: Endpoint Security

Feb 26, 2019 5:47:59 PM   |   Divya Prabakaran   |   Cybersecurity, Cyber Security, endpoint security

With security threats becoming more advanced, Security and Information Management need to be a top priority. Education and awareness are essential. Whether its best practices, security trends, or developing a foundational knowledge of security technologies, being informed is paramount. TechData’s Security Practice Foundations blog series can help you build a strong foundation of security knowledge.

What is Endpoint Security?


Advancing Healthcare Through the Power of Data

Feb 21, 2019 7:42:16 PM   |   Emily Melone   |   IHI Triple Aim, patient experience, population health management

As one of the costlier healthcare systems in the world, the U.S. is under immense pressure to extract greater value from its system’s resources. In response to growing challenges such as an aging population and chronic health problems, healthcare organizations are conforming to the Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Triple Aim Initiative. The initiative is very commendable; considering its three target objectives, success will be a very big challenge:


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