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On the Battlefield of Cyber Warfare Make Sure Your Troops Know Their Weapons

Apr 23, 2019 3:27:25 PM   |   Donald Lupejkis   |   recon, cyber attacks, cybercrime, cyber warfare, security engineer, ProServe

Imagine leading an air combat mission. Although the enemy is advancing, you’re not overly concerned because you have an overwhelming advantage: Your weapons are second-to-none; stealthy, responsive and lethal -  there’s no way you can lose the battle. Then you learn your ‘foolproof’ mission has been jeopardized because you have no pilots trained to fly jets; the team you’ve been given are all helicopter pilots. Your strategy was solid; everything was planned meticulously but your mission has been compromised because you lacked the properly trained personnel.


Why You Should Care About Who Is Hogging Your Bandwidth

Apr 18, 2019 4:31:53 PM   |   Michael O'Dwyer   |   Data Center, bandwidth, byod, illegal network use, VOIP, Ipswitch, bandwidth monitoring, network monitoring, networks

By Michael O’Dwyer - Tech Data Guest Blogger
An Irishman based in Hong Kong, Michael O’Dwyer is a business & technology journalist, independent consultant and writer who specializes in writing for enterprise, small business and IT audiences. With 20+ years of experience in everything from IT and electronic component-level failure analysis to process improvement and supply chains (and an in-depth knowledge of Klingon,) Michaelis a sought-after writer whose quality sources, deep research and quirky sense of humor ensures he’s welcome in high-profile publications such as The Street and Fortune 100 IT portals.


Defense Against Competitive Threats. IoT is the Answer

Apr 17, 2019 3:04:15 PM   |   Emily Melone   |   IoT, Analytics, data, digital transformation, big data, Next Gen, data generation, smart, IoT adoption, IoT connectivity, connecting sensors, IoT use cases

By now, businesses have received “the message” loud and clear - transformation is vital if you want your business to remain competitive.  OK, so you got the message; now the question becomes “how?” - especially holistically.  Transformation may come in various shapes and sizes, but for IT and business leaders it typically involves: consumer experience (employee and client); ecosystem alignment (including micro services); and,  “digital business.” 


The Era of 5G: What Is it & How the Next Generation of Mobile Tech Will Impact Business

Apr 11, 2019 3:42:19 PM   |   Theresa Gaither   |   5G, wireless, LTE, 4G, Latency

“5G” – It means the 5th generation of wireless technology used in cellular and broadband connections; it’s been the buzz for a while now. Nearly a decade in development, it’s just about ready to make its debut. Mobile 5G is set to appear in some U.S. cities by mid-late this year, with an expansion of rollouts by 2020.


Retail’s Not Dead. It’s Just Evolving

Apr 9, 2019 4:10:35 PM   |   Jess Holy   |   IoT, Mobility, Analytics, data analytics, retail, business insights, business evolution, brick and mortar, data generation

It’s evident the retail experience has changed extensively in the last couple of decades. From the introduction of the internet and digital conglomerates providing two-day shipping, to direct-to-consumer businesses that bring quality, affordable products directly to your door, the retail industry has never been so profitable.


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