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High Altitude Government IT:  Climbing “Modernization Mountain” into the Clouds

Jun 6, 2019 7:15:58 PM   |   Tim Hannon   |   cloud, federal IT, security, public sector, TDGS, TDPS, DoD

The rise of blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as others, have made today’s technological landscape more complex than ever; leaving no area untouched, including government IT. Digital transformation is here, and cloud is at the forefront of it all.

Government agencies are embracing this shift to the cloud, and IT spending is increasing annually. Given these conditions, it’s important to understand what’s driving the market to identify business opportunities effectively.


May 2019 Blog Post Round Up

Jun 5, 2019 5:23:26 PM   |   Steven Kelley   |   AuthorITy, Blog Round Up, Monthly Blog Summary

Welcome to Tech Data’s monthly roundup of blogs appearing on the Authority blogsite. Below are links to some of our most popular recent posts:


A $96 Billion Opportunity… Want a Piece?

May 31, 2019 4:46:55 PM   |   Sophie Lheritier   |   IoT, data analytics, digital transformation, Practice Builder, Next Gen

In a recent article published by Andrea Miner, director, Consulting Services, Data, Analytics and IoT Solutions, Andrea discussed the staggering amounts of data that are being generated daily - 2.5 quintillion bytes... 2.5 quintillion proof points that underscore the transformative state the world is going through.

When we start to peel back the layers of our now digitally-dependent lifestyles – both personal and professional – it becomes easier to understand how we got to this previously unimaginable proliferation of data; not to mention the mounds of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and its “smart” devices and ecosystems – smart refrigerators, smart homes, smart cities, smart utilities.


Some Supply Chain Tactics You Shouldn’t Miss as You Consider Global Expansion

May 29, 2019 2:43:16 PM   |   Doug Halbert   |   supply chain, global expansion, globalization

Would you travel to a foreign country without a map or without first learning about the local laws and culture? Foreign travel can be rewarding; but there are certain requirements that can present challenges which cannot be overlooked or ignored. Just as your company evaluates global expansion, you also must understand the nuances of doing business abroad.

When taking your business global, you have to understand each target region’s culture, language, customs, laws and best practices to ensure your business processes and supply chain remain intact and optimized.


On the Battlefield of Cyber Warfare Make Sure Your Troops Know Their Weapons

Apr 23, 2019 3:27:25 PM   |   Donald Lupejkis   |   recon, cyber attacks, cybercrime, cyber warfare, security engineer, ProServe

Imagine leading an air combat mission. Although the enemy is advancing, you’re not overly concerned because you have an overwhelming advantage: Your weapons are second-to-none; stealthy, responsive and lethal -  there’s no way you can lose the battle. Then you learn your ‘foolproof’ mission has been jeopardized because you have no pilots trained to fly jets; the team you’ve been given are all helicopter pilots. Your strategy was solid; everything was planned meticulously but your mission has been compromised because you lacked the properly trained personnel.


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