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How Data Proliferation Can Provide a Competitive Advantage to Channel Partners (Part Three)

Jun 27, 2019 6:08:38 PM   |   Andrea Miner   |   data analytics, Healthcare, Retail, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, IoT use cases

This is the third in Andrea’s three part series on the competitive advantages of data proliferation. Parts One and Two are posted on Andrea’s LinkedIn page. In Part One Andrea discusses how channel partners are in a unique position to capitalize on data insights. Part Two looks at how Tech Data is enabling channel partners to succeed with analytics and IoT.


Why MSPs / MSSPs Need to ‘Get Secure’

Jun 25, 2019 5:00:00 AM   |   John Komer   |   Cybersecurity, Cyber Security, network security, Data Breaches, MSPs, breaches, MSSPs

Today, MSPs (managed service providers) and MSSPs (managed security service providers) face unique challenges meeting the threats and business requirements of cybersecurity. Not only must they ensure that their network service delivery platform is secure from cyberbreaches, but they must also ensure the customers with whom they connect are secure so bad actors can’t use their customer to pivot into their platform.


An Interview With Daniela Mota: Driving and Sustaining Connectivity Through Cross-Functional Relationships (SPONSORED BLOG)

Jun 20, 2019 4:55:11 PM   |   Dena Koklanaris   |   USB-C, StarTech.com, Thunderbolt™ 3,

Authority recently connected with Daniela Mota, former Channel Business Manager and recently promoted Manager of International Business Development at StarTech.com, to glean her insights on the importance of connectivity. 


Help Your Customers Migrate to Windows 10 (VIDEO)

Jun 19, 2019 11:50:00 AM   |   Endpoint Solutions   |   #NewTechNow, endpoint solutions, Windows 10, Windows 7 Upgrade

Microsoft support for Windows 7 ends on January 14, 2020. Are your customers ready? #NewTechNow is designed to help them migrate to Windows 10 – and help you seize a $25 billion opportunity.
Click to watch the first of our #NewTechNow videos and find out more!


Why Mobile Matters

Jun 18, 2019 7:16:22 PM   |   Julia Andresen   |   IoT, Mobility, 5G, Personnel, Mobile Solutions, Smart Technology

I recently began an internship with Tech Data’s Mobility Solutions team. At the time I joined as an intern, I thought I had a good handle on what mobility was all about. I’ve since learned that its role is much broader and has a far bigger influence in the daily lives of everyone - globally. The future of mobility is going to be exciting.


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