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4 Steps MSPs are Taking to Master the Cloud

January 3, 2017   |   Richard Parker


The opportunity for IT solution providers in the Cloud is huge, resulting in the expected total public IT Cloud spend to pass the $100B mark in 2017 (IDC).  So it probably comes as no surprise that a bit of business transformation is required for a managed service provider (MSP) to capture their fair share of an exploding technology segment such as the Cloud.

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The importance of joining an IT Industry Community as an MSP

August 25, 2016   |   Richard Parker

 Those who are in the IT Industry know we are currently in the busy season for tradeshows and conferences. Last week it was Channel Partners Evolution and this week, I’m at The Channel Company XChange 2016. As I attend these events I meet a lot of people who are part of these group’s IT communities. So, what is a community? Communities can come in many different forms. You have your neighborhood communities, social communities and business communities like the local Chamber of Commerce and professional associations. Community has many different definitions, but my favorite states that a community offers “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.”

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Four Keys to Developing Closer Customer Relationships

May 16, 2016   |   Richard Parker

What is a customer? If you ask that question to 100 managed service providers (MSPs) you’d probably get many different answers. Attracting customers is the primary goal of MSPs, because it is the customer who creates demand for your goods or services. In the IT Industry, you never want to underestimate the value and reach of your loyal customers. MSPs have to be creative to keep customers coming back for more, so eventually they will bring their friends with them. Here are four tips to remember as an MSP when developing relationships with customers:

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What every MSP should know about today's Cyber-security landscape

April 11, 2016   |   Richard Parker

It seems like everyone is offering cloud services of every flavor these days, with new players joining the market every day. Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen cloud-based storage, email migration; remote monitoring, online productivity, and cloud security take center stage. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are trusted with securing organizations’ networks. However, many do not fully understand their own customers' priorities when it comes to security.

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