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Why Modern Applications Require Hybrid Cloud

February 21, 2018   |   Anuj Tuli   |   Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, modern applications

Today’s business runs on modern applications, and these applications need the most up-to-date infrastructure and platforms to function. But how does an enterprise choose and consolidate all the infrastructure and platform options available to them, as well as choose a best-of-breed portfolio that both addresses their needs and is cost-effective? There may not be a single correct answer to this, but a hybrid cloud setup can get them a step closer to their desired state. Hybrid, in this case, means an environment that has multiple vendor software and hardware products, as well as an on-premises and public cloud presence for infrastructure resources.


4 Reasons Why Knowledge Is Power for IT Channel Partners and ISVs

February 19, 2018   |   Sergio Farache   |   Data Center, ISV, specialized knowledge

Specialized knowledge is becoming one of the most requested services for channel partners to provide to end customers. Sergio Farache, senior vice president of global cloud solutions recently shared his thoughts on why technology channel partners and ISVs should establish specialized solution practices to understand and serve the unique complexities of their customers’ technology deployments.


5 Overlooked Security Tasks

February 16, 2018   |   Christopher Parisi   |   Cybersecurity, shadow it, zero-day, Tech Data Security

Security engineers spend countless hours tightening the perimeter of their network, purchasing appliances, virus protection and sandbox services to combat the latest
zero-day warnings. Then the one day they think they have it all under control, the unthinkable happens – a breach in the network. The team manages to gain control, closes the gap and remediates the issues. When the disaster recovery plan has been completed and the summary report is due, the source of the invasion was something that was simply overlooked. All the planning, hardware, BMP and employee training was subverted by an issue that deserves the hardest face-palm.  


Knowing Your Data’s DNA

February 14, 2018   |   Brittany Taylor   |   Data Management, data analytics, digital transformation, Internet of Things (IoT), informatica

Most likely, you’ve seen the advertisements or know a friend or family member who recently leveraged one of the many ancestry and/or DNA tests available on the market. These tests not only provide insight into family lineage but also shed light onto genetic predispositions. Overall, these offerings provide many benefits to the users, including quenching a thirst for history enthusiasts, connecting with long-lost relatives, proactively addressing genetic ailments and last, but not least, understanding how the world’s cultures and races are more similar than dissimilar. 


As Wi-Fi proliferation increases, Managed Services via Cloud looks more appealing to customers

January 30, 2018   |   Harish Sathisan   |   cloud, wifi, enterprise mobility management, wireless

With the excess of mobile devices and bandwidth-heavy applications in the consumer and enterprise space, the traffic being driven across wireless networks has increased dramatically.  Employees and customers alike from large corporate organizations down to the local coffee shop have come to expect fast, reliable wireless access.  Also, the digital transformation efforts that organizations undertake today such as making core organizational content accessible to their employee base, partners and customers via mobile formats increases traffic. It does not stop there, organizations that allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, which help ensure that their employees are more productive are dependent on an organizations’ infrastructure having robust, high availability, high coverage for wireless connectivity. Such expectations, efforts and requirements merit organizations to take a closer look at their wireless network, especially if they wish to improve their mobile initiatives. 


How an MSP Can Stand Out in a World of Standardization

January 31, 2018   |   Jeff Salanco   |   MSP, Cloud, automation

The lifeblood of a successful Managed Service Provider (MSP) practice is automation. To deliver automation, an MSP has to arrive at points of standardization across key processes and jobs. Why?


Opening the IoT Gateways Into the Future of Connected Devices

January 29, 2018   |   Christian Sullivan   |   Internet of Things (IoT), gateways

IoT gateways, also known as intelligent gateways, are the key to almost any IoT solution. Traditional gateways perform protocols mostly for connecting a network to an outside network. They act like a computer with multiple ports that connect devices to the internet. To get more granular on this, an IoT gateway is an enhanced version, operating as more than just a router; it’s intelligent. It is intelligent in a way where programmable devices can perform in-depth and complex processing of IoT data. An IoT gateway aggregates sensor data and translates this data between sensor protocols (since compatibility is one of IoT’s biggest enemies) and understands/processes this data before sending it out.


What Digital Transformation Means to Me - An EMEA Perspective

January 23, 2018   |   Tech Data Europe   |   IoT, cloud, digital transformation

Blog Image (1)-1.jpg

What does digital transformation mean to you? The answer to this question will likely vary dramatically depending on who you ask. We posed this question to a number of our EMEA employees in a blog series called, "What Digital Transformation Means to Me." It explores these responses and gives insight into the evolving digital landscape. We hope you enjoy these different perspectives on digital transformation.


Where to Start With Cloud for Small Business

January 5, 2018   |   Jeff Salanco   |   SMB, Cloud, tag-2, scalability

Before we answer the question of where to start, let’s consider why an end user should opt for cloud first: