5 Key Advantages of Desktop as a Service

May 26, 2017   |   Mike Loos   |   Client & Mobility, Cloud, Cloud Services

The “As-a-Service” label has become a common way to describe technology in the cloud arena, with software-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service leading the pack. But one area that is starting to see traction is Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). DaaS is all of your desktop apps and infrastructure, conveniently streamed to all of your client’s devices via a cloud service provider. It’s a sector that’s expected to grow by 27 percent each year until at least 2020, according to RnR Market Research.


The Winning Combination: How the Technology Solutions Acquisition Redefines Tech Data's Vendor Line Card

May 19, 2017   |   Michael Roush   |   Data Center, Tech Data

You now have an opportunity to create broader IT solution conversations and open up new avenues for profitability with the integration of Tech Data’s Advanced Infrastructure Solutions (AIS) division and Avnet’s Technology Solutions group. Tech Data’s acquisition of Technology Solutions has paved the way for a drastic shift in the value business solutions available to Tech Data’s reseller partners.


Ag Tech and IoT: Where to Find Your Next Customer

May 15, 2017   |   Sean Colby   |   AgTech

If you're wondering whether to pursue IoT for the AgTech (agricultural technology) industry, consider this: It's now a $7.8 trillion industry making up 10% of the global GDP, according to Forbes magazine.


From Prospect to Client: 5 Tips for a Successful Security Audit

May 12, 2017   |   Christopher Parisi   |   security audit

When selling security solutions to your prospects, building trust and being seen as an advisor and subject-matter expert sets you apart.

It’s not just about selling point products, but rather it’s about solutions that can scale with threat trends and future unknowns. Here are five tips for your next security assessment to help you turn a prospect into a client:


Smart Device Security Myths - Debunked

February 17, 2017   |   Christopher Parisi   |   Mobile Security

Many of us travel extensively and there is inevitably a time when your portable device alerts you that it needs power—often in an airport, mall or other public place. More often, “charging stations” are becoming a fixture in airports, malls and even bars, making it convenient to pull up a chair and plug in your device.


Retail and IoT: 4 Strategies for Success

May 3, 2017   |   Michael Nelson   |   IoT, Smart Retail

One of the key ways to grow your business through IoT is to target the retail market. The solutions available in that vertical provide several ways to offer excellent customer service while streamlining operations.


When Is the Time Right to Invest in a New Data Center? How to Make a Cost-Effective Decision

April 21, 2017   |   James Russell, III   |   Data Management

Your customers need to invest wisely and their data centers must be agile enough to manage the ever-changing technology and business landscape. As complexities increase, end users are turning to their channel partners for advice—especially when it comes to making a cost-effective decision about modernizing or consolidating their data centers. 


Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud:  5 Reasons Why Hybrid Cloud Is the Best Choice

April 12, 2017   |   Raquel Acuna   |   Hybrid Cloud

There’s no doubt cloud computing has risen as a popular but somewhat complex business trend. Many industries and organizations have adopted, or are at least in the process of pursuing this new technology based on the return on investment, productivity, and unparalleled value.  


5 Business Model Enhancements for Successful Cloud Transformation

April 5, 2017   |   Jeff Salanco   |   MSP

There is an incredible wave of disruption in the IT Channel driven by digital transformation and the Cloud.  What sets the successful managed service providers (MSP) apart from those that will underperform is a robust and unique go-to-market strategy.


Cloud Security: 4 Ways to Protect Your Clients from BYOD Data Breaches

March 13, 2017   |   Nick Augeri   |   Cloud Security

As organizations make the digital transformation, it’s essential for them to secure productivity, collaboration, and enterprise data. Cloud security is especially relevant for mobile devices in light of the popularity of BYOD (bring your own device). As more of your customers’ employees access company data from their own devices, the greater the opportunity to provide security solutions.