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The Facts About GDPR

May 24, 2018   |   Brandon Kowalski   |   data protection, security, GDPR, regulations, security services


What Is GDPR?


The Future of Logistics on Display

May 22, 2018   |   Charles Vanterpool   |   Client & Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), robotic automation, industry, MODEX, logistics


Having attended the recent MODEX conference in Atlanta, I had the chance to see the future of logistics. Let me tell you, the future is going to be exciting! Here are some observations that’ll redefine how logistics are conducted and ultimately, the future success of logistics businesses.


Channel Management: 5 Steps to Find Better Partners

May 7, 2018   |   Antonio Masis   |   GLMS, channel partners, Global Lifecycle Management Services


Building a partner channel isn’t just a numbers game. More isn’t always better and bigger isn’t always better, however better is better! When choosing channel partners, quality beats quantity. Great partners become a part of your brand, but so do poor ones who approach their end customers with anything less than a value-based offering. We’ll discuss what makes a great partner and how to find and recruit them for your channel program.


4 Common Misconceptions of Data Management in the Cloud

May 4, 2018   |   Brett Johnson   |   cloud, public cloud, cloud-stored data


Companies of all sizes are adopting the cloud in some form or fashion. There are several challenges to utilizing various public cloud offerings and many companies fail to realize that they’re ultimately responsible for their cloud-stored data.


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full?

April 23, 2018   |   Brittany Taylor   |   Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), GDPR


Note: The purpose of this blog post is not to make you a GDPR expert. Instead, it provides a positive perspective for VARs and their clients on the business outcomes of GDPR.


Modernization Motivation on the Hill

April 16, 2018   |   Milo Speranzo   |   Cybersecurity, IoT, cloud, data, public sector, IT modernization


Modern demands are changing the way the government purchases, builds and delivers storage solutions – and Federal agencies are calling for a network transformation that empowers IT and accelerates mission performance. But let’s start from the beginning and then turn to the road ahead.


Containerization: The What, The Why and The How

April 2, 2018   |   Anuj Tuli   |   cloud, containerization

It may seem as if containerization is the latest hip buzz word around when we talk about modernizing infrastructure and cloud. But in reality, it’s just a new term for a concept that’s been around for ages.


Cyber Convergence: Security, the Cloud and Your Data

March 28, 2018   |   Milo Speranzo   |   data, security, public sector, cyber convergence

In the world of Federal IT, we all know cloud and cyber are driving the conversation – especially when it comes to IT modernization. That’s why Tech Data government solutions and MeriTalk hosted the “Cyber Convergence: Security, the Cloud, and Your Data” event the morning of March 8 at the Newseum.


5 Cloud Trends to Expect in 2018

March 2, 2018   |   Raquel Acuna   |   cloud, cloud adoption, trends



Why Modern Applications Require Hybrid Cloud

February 21, 2018   |   Anuj Tuli   |   Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, modern applications

Today’s business runs on modern applications, and these applications need the most up-to-date infrastructure and platforms to function. But how does an enterprise choose and consolidate all the infrastructure and platform options available to them, as well as choose a best-of-breed portfolio that both addresses their needs and is cost-effective? There may not be a single correct answer to this, but a hybrid cloud setup can get them a step closer to their desired state. Hybrid, in this case, means an environment that has multiple vendor software and hardware products, as well as an on-premises and public cloud presence for infrastructure resources.